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Back in 2012, when I was finishing my studies and preparing to move to Austria, I decided to start a fashion and lifestyle blog. It was an idea that was in my mind for a really long time, though I knew that it would be a pretty difficult thing to do in Argentina. But once in Austria I would have a lot of free time and a pretty interesting story to tell, not only to my readers, but also to my family back in Argentina. After a few weeks thinking about the name, and thanks to my friend Thorunn and my boyfriend/husband that vetoed every name I came up with, I finally had a good one… and a blog up in blogspot! If you are planning on starting a blog, you should really surround yourself with people that will honestly tell you “that name is stupid, you can do better”.

I do not remember if they liked Novelstyle… but the moment I came up with it, I knew it was the one! Novelstyle is a tricky name. I studied fashion design, but also took a few literature classes during my semester in Tennessee. My love for books is not a secret, I mean… I even wrote my thesis about fashion in Jane Austen’s novels! At first sight, everyone assumes it is related to some kind of fictional or literary style. It could… why not? But the truth is, I’m using the adjective meaning of the word novel…

There is a scene in Funny Face that helped as inspiration for the name of the blog. In this scene, Dick Avery (played by Fred Astaire) says “Every girl on every page of Quality has grace, elegance, and pizzazz. Now what’s wrong with bringing out a girl who has character, spirit, and intelligence?” the reply to that is “That certainly would be novel in a fashion magazine”.

I believe that by watching this scene (and movie!) you can completely understand the idea behind Novelstyle. I’m “that thing from the bookshop”! And I love it! I want all my readers to know that they should feel comfortable with who they are. We should all love every single part of our bodies and wear whatever we want to. Yes, maybe Funny Face casted a gorgeous woman, but as she once said:

And that’s the story behind Novelstyle! Now, more than three years after, it has appeared several times in the press and was one of the finalists in the Austrian Blogger Awards. And thanks to Novelstyle, I was able to work with some of my favorite brands and attend MBFW and Bread & Butter. These events helped me to open my Novelstyle shop, my own online store!

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